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What is the purpose of government? What should we expect from our politicians?

The radical options for reform would discard the current arrangements and start again, perhaps replacing our system with something more like the American system. The resilience of the British system of government has derived from its ability to maintain and preserve the good aspects of the existing system, whilst incorporating the necessary modifications to take account of changing circumstances and popular pressure. Other systems have as many flaws as our own (e.g. the rampant gerrymandering and pork-barrel stuffing of legislation that is fostered by the American system). The trick is to import the good features of other systems (or of none, where innovation is required), not to swallow another system whole, warts and all. This programme considers that it is possible and desirable to make the major changes that are necessary, whilst maintaining our tradition of continuity.

Head of State

So long as the position of Head of State is effectively ceremonial and the head of the government is democratically elected, countries (including the UK) should not lightly change the arrangements that have evolved from their history. Provided that it does not cost the taxpayer too much and does not intervene in democratic politics, the monarchy should be retained as Head of State of the UK.

Directly-elected head of government


Separation of executive and legislature


An established church?


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