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This will be the lead page for the section on Education

We draw too strong a division between education and the real world. The purpose of education is not purely vocational, but it is to equip people with the tools to make the most of their potential.

Education can benefit as much from closer involvement with the real world, as the real world benefits from a well-educated population. Some people will only be able to appreciate the value of education by reference to how it will benefit them in the real world. And our understanding of many subjects is greatly enhanced by experience of the real world - without experience, education in the humanities is often little more than indoctrination in the views espoused by the teacher or the curriculum.


If we are to return to people the freedom to run their own lives, and expect them to take responsibility for their own choices, then we ought to give them the opportunity to equip themselves to make the most of their freedoms and to understand their responsibilities.


Public schools, academies and other special-status schools are an indictment of our mainstream education system. The demand for them is a product, not a cause, of the failings of many of our bog-standard state schools. We can improve our bog-standard schools by trying to identify and replicate what makes these independent schools popular, not by trying to limit access to them. We can never eliminate the benefit of wealth and privilege, but we can try to give the less-privileged

Some of these independent schools are more successful and popular than others. But that is part of their strength and attraction.

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